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Saucony Women’s Cohesion 8 Running Shoe Review

If you are a follower of a strict fitness regime, you might have noticed that running is a tad (or should we say a lot) more taxing on your feet than plain walking is. And what’s more, running is a must for anyone who is willing to stay fit. A lot of problems come to new runners, who have not splurged $100 on perfect running shoes; namely, sweaty soles, smell, aching in the arch, pain in heels, and so on.

So if you are really trying to be serious about running and do not your feet to wither away in the course of your fitness activities, you can go for some very good brands that are the go-to choices for professional runners. Enter Saucony Cohesion 8 Running Shoes. These are some very well reviewed running shoes that you can buy for low prices (much lower than what you would spend on some overhyped brand), and you get some extremely premium features that are probably unmatched anywhere.

Saucony women's running shoe

Here are some pointers about Saucony shoes:

  1. Breathable mesh material: If you are worried about sweating in your feet, or are worried about how you would fare in the summers with your running shoes, Saucony has you covered. Breathable mesh means that your feet can dry off all the time, and you do not get muscle fatigue even on longer runs, due to the feet getting air all the while.
  2. Stabilized heel: If you have a high arch or are concerned about your heel while running, the Saucony shoes come with external supports which are technically heel counter aids. The Heel Grid system makes sure that your heels are stable in the shoes. Again, this is meant to help you run long distances very comfortably.
  3. Reflective hits: How good would it be if the shoe makers are all concerned about your safety, and make sure that any vehicles coming behind you get to see the reflection of your shoes? With reflective hits, you can be sure that you have an increased degree of visibility even in night.
  4. IMEVA midsole: You have to make sure that your feet are on a cushiony platform to help them stay comfortable. With the IMEVA midsole used in the Saucony running shoes, you get excellent cushioning from any shock that your feet might suffer during running.

saucony cohesion 8 shoe

As Saucony is a company that aims their products at the professional spectrum of the running market, you can get all the amazing benefits from their years of research into the biomechanics of runners, at prices that will not break your bank. The Saucony shoes are highly acclaimed and you can be sure that you are not going wrong after seeing the sheer number of people who have been satisfied (and more) with the shoes.