Best Running Men Shoes For Bad Lower Back

Foot injuries cause low back pain, and it is generally because of the reason that the structure that support your back is weak. It means your shoes, your jogging shoes are the ones causing the problems for you. You should always know your foot type before buying any shoe for example if you have high arch then you should get those shoes which can support your high arch feet.

High arch is generally raised more than normal, it is opposite of flat feet. If you have trouble in finding whether your foot type is of High arch or not, then here are some of the symptoms of high arch feet :

  • Bent toes
  • Pain when standing or walking
  • Callus on the heel of your foot
  • Difficulty when you try to fit shoes

If your high arches are flexible then it’s really good otherwise you should consult a doctor who will tell you the exact treatment for your high arch feet.

Whenever you plan to go for shoe shopping, there are some of the specific shoes which are specially made for the high arch feet, you should consider these :



These are some of the well cushioned and highly flexible running shoes for the high arch feet. Correct shoes help you to relieve pain and it improves your running and walking. You should always go with the shoes which coordinates well with your body mechanics and gives you the comfort you want without any injuries.

If you want to test your foot type by yourself then you can do it very easily. If you have curve in your foot, it means you have an arch and so you can easily see how high your arch is while walking.  Now you know that for your high arched feet you should buy a shoe with a curve in the bottom of it. For better care, always go for the supportive shoes…!!!